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    Accept all major credit and debit cards and start making progress today!

    Give your loyal customers the flexibility of payment. Accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and Debit transactions. Increase customer satisfaction by adding paper checks processing to your payment methods. Simpler, faster and more rewarding payment proccesing solutions.


    All in One Solution

    Dynamics Payments integration, allows merchants to handle different payment transactions within a single system. Instead of having a separate terminal to process electronic payments, we offer a solution that enables your POS system to process credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, among others.


    Customer Oriented

    By reducing the time it takes to process customer payments, you end up with more satisfied customers and a more efficient operation.  Our latest technology provides easier and faster check outs, which lead to satisfied customers. Our clients can access fully customized reports and invaluable information real-time, guiding our clients in the direction that makes sense based on factual market data.


    Support and Integration

    Supports hundreds of other integrated POS systems, seamlessly and inexpensively. Integrated solutions for several industries such as Restaurants, Clothing, Apparel, Accessories, Departments Stores, Museums, Amusement Parks, Pet Stores, Hardware Stores, Consignment Stores, Mail Stations and many more.

    With an integrated system, the settlement process is easier and updated directly to the entity’s files. This integration also allows the business to obtain updated financial data from day to day operations, as well as an overview of monthly, quarterly and year operations. The owner of the business will have a better understanding of the cash flow from operations as well as the amount of credit card and debit card payments in real time, without having to wait for bank statements.

    Our integrated system streamlines the electronic transactions so that the merchant has a more controlled environment of day to day operations.

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