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    built on trust and passion

    Business Computer POS, Inc. is a company dedicated to the automation system of small and medium businesses. Since 1996, our mission is to find the particular needs of each customer and implementing a system that is easy to use and maintain. Through the years, Business Computer POS Inc. is the top seller in the sales and services of Retail Management Systems (RMS) software, originally named QuickSell 2000. It was distributed by the Sales Management Systems Company based in California. This company obtained the best recognition from Microsoft regarding the functionality of the software. In 1999, Almacenes Linda in San Juan, Puerto Rico started using the systems QuickSell 2000 in their 50 stores dedicated to selling apparel and accessories for women. The implementation of the systems helps the flow of information between the stores and the warehouse. In addition, Business Computer POS Inc. developed an application specially designed to fulfill all the requirements of the warehouse. The integration between the two applications is totally automated.In the year 2000, Microsoft acquires Sales Management Systems Company including QuickSell 2000 in their lines of products for business however it changed its name to Retail Management Systems (RMS). Business Computer POS Inc. keeps in a successful way offering the systems, receiving recognition and awards from Microsoft. In an international event in Brazil 2003, we received the Award of Excellence in Customer Service in the Region of Latinamerica; acquire the most recognition inside of the industry. In the following year, we also received the same award, however at the higher level of international industry. On top, we established the recognition to be part of the exclusive Presidential Partner Club of Microsoft. This recognition honored to those companies that meet a high level of sales and customer satisfaction. Our company has succeeded to be the first five partners at the World level for sales of the program RMS. All these years Business Computer POS Inc. acquired entire dedication to this solution, which creates us the leader of the implementation of the Point of Sales Systems and Retail Management Systems. These experiences lead us to the international market out of Puerto Rico; for example, New York, Florida, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Haiti, and Costa Rica. Those locations are the validation of the accomplishment of our company regarding Excellence in Customer Service. In Jamaica, for example, we had installed the system in all Inclusive Resort Sandals with more than 40 gift stores using RMS. In Puerto Rico, we have installed over 2000 Point Of Sales and Retail Management Systems. Business Computer provides many different products among programming, technical support, service customer services, sales, training to assure a service of quality and to channel the aid to our customers.For the past 23 years, we have focused our operation of POS systems as the center of our business. Today, with over 50 employees between Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, USVI, Mexico and Miami, we have diversified our product offering, always keeping in mind that our goal is to offer our clients technological solutions to improve operations and customer experience. Today we offer the following services:

    • Point of Sale Systems for Retail Businesses
    • Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants
    • Point of Sale Systems for Beauty Salons
    • Point of Sale Systems for the Healthcare Industry
    • Point of Sale System for the Automotive Industry
    • Security Camera System and Access Control
    • Network and Cabling Services
    • Technical Support (Spanish and English)
    • Custom Software Programming
    • Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing
    • Business Analyst and Consulting
    • Website and E-commerce solutions

    Over the years have exponentially grown our business by creating alliances with other companies and also creating new companies to better serve the different segments. During 2010-2015 we were working hand by hand with Microsoft and its distributors to grow the Business Partner community throughout Latin America. Today, Microsoft discontinued this software, but the distributor company, Retail Realm, adopted a similar software Retail Management Hero (RMH) to offer it as a replacement for RMS. Today we are the main business partner for the new product throughout the Caribbean region.


    We Are Committed To Extend And Share Our Passion For Innovation To The Point Of Sale Experience By Increasing The Value And Quality Of Businesses And To Become Your Business’ Greatest Ally.

    Our Mission

    At Business Computer POS, We Believe Business Automation Is The Key To Your Success. That’s Why We Rely On The Same Winning Techniques We’ve Used To Help Businesses Grow Since 1996. Through Our Dedication To Implementing The Latest Tools And Technology, And Our Passion For Driving Operational Excellence, We Remain Committed To Achieving Our Vision Of Becoming Your Business’ Greatest Ally.


    Integrity We Hold Ourselves To The Highest Standards And Rely On Our Moral Principles To Guide Our Honest, Dependable Work Ethic. Responsibility We Are Committed To Building Long-Term Relationships With Our Clients, Employees, And Their Families. Our Responsibility Extends To All Of Them. Dynamic In This Ever-Changing World, It’s Imperative That We Remain Open To Growth And Progress. Innovative We Take Great Pride In Our Commitment To Innovation. We Value How Much We’ve Learnt And Grown. Grateful We Are Forever Grateful For The Work That We Do And The People We Serve.

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