An Ongoing Partnership

We know the business and we take pride on delivering exactly the solution that will better fit our cutomer needs to grow their operation. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business. We strive to build long lasting business partnerships through the way we work with customers and living our values every day.


Baby Mall – Ponce
Bounce – Plaza Las Américas
Ocassion Outlet – Caguas
Pequeña Ola – Carolina, Dorado, Mayaguez
El Sportman – Mayaguez
Loka Ola – Plaza Las Américas
Galeria Modas – Carolina,
Fajardo Boom Outlet – Bayamón

Maderas 3C – San Juan
ProMat – Trujillo Alto
Candelaria Electrical – Arecibo
Comercial 172 – Cidra
Ferreteria Rabanal – Aibonito
Ferreteria El Pesebre – San Juan

Aeropuerto LMM Duty Free and Newstands Stores – 10 Stores
Almacenes Linda (Infinito, Ranger, Geraldine) – 55 Stores
Casa Febus – 9 Stores
Farmacias Plaza – 11 Stores
OFW – 5 Stores
Papillon – 4 Stores
Nature Nation – 19 Stores
Gatsby – 12 Stores
Pompis – 12 Stores
Holy Land Christian Stores – 3 Stores
La Loseta – Caguas, Aibonito,
Stores Donato – 40 Stores
TruckParts Center – 7 Stores
Destileria Serralles – 3 Stores
Grand Store – 2 Stores
Holsum de Puerto Rico
Sony de Puerto Rico

Unipiezas Santurce – San Juan
Unipiezas Anibal
Cano’s Tire Center – Humacao
EuroExpress – Rio Piedras, Bayamón
Nazario Auto Parts – Gurabo, Juncos
Explosive Images – Río Grande
ScooterMania – Bayamón
Vento – Yauco
JC Electronics – Caguas
ToyoHouse – Carolina, Santurce

Supermercado La Familia
Supermercados Millenium – Humacao, Juncos
Colmado Barra Ortiz – Coamo
Alturas MiniMarket – Rio Grande

Esso MiniMarket – Caguas
Gasolineras AllStar (18 Stores)
Gasolinera Texaco – San German
San Antonio Shell – Cayey, Isla Verde

Adrian Nuñez Joyeros – Viejo San Juan
Joyería Portofino – Viejo San Juan
Elysium Jewelry – Viejo San Juan
Johnny Mikes Joyeros – San Juan, Ponce

Farmacias Medina – San Juan
Ashford Presbiterian – San Juan
Farmacia Hatillo – Hatillo
Farmacia Quebradillas – Quebradillas
Farmacia Factor
Farmacia Inmaculada – Jun

Zuaree – Miami
Kingston Books Store – Jamaica
Sandals Resorts –
Caribbean Register Department – Jamaica Government
Perfume Palace – St. Thomas, Aruba, Bonaire, Curazao, St. Marteen Cartier – St. Thomas Rincon Musical – New York, NY World of Style –
St. Thomas Bolo’s
Department Stores – Tortola
ZeroDyne – California

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